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About Us

While we are fairly new to the retail side of selling cabinets, our nearly 50 years combined family experience in General Contracting more than demonstrates to our customers we know what it takes to bring their dreams to reality. Our ability to help guide them through their whole adventure sets us apart from the competition. We are here to help you, bottom line, and we strive to do the best we can in every aspect of that.

Two main things set us apart from our competition.

First, while some may say they offer installation, it is most likely a list of contractors who have done work for them in the past. With us, it is our own guys who work for us. (if it isn’t ourselves). This allows our customers to only really have to deal with one set of people through the entire process, versus several different faces and several different schedules. Let us do the coordinating for you.

Second big difference is our background of building experience, which allows us to keep the job flowing under just about any circumstance. Being specialized in cabinets and the installation of those, while still being able to tackle other parts as they arise, lets us ensure the customer gets what they want.

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